New commission details below the cut!

  • Pencil/digital sketch – $5 single character (additional characters +$5 each)
  • Digital, flat color – $20 (additional characters +$10)
  • Full color digital (vector or painting) – $30+ (additional characters +$15, backgrounds +$20)

I will draw:

  • Fan art!
  • OCs!
  • animals and non-humanoid characters!
  • stuff I’m not familiar with, as long as I have a reference!
  • shipping! (see restrictions below)


  • please no explicit NSFW (mild suggestiveness is OK, as long as it’s not involving minors and/or underage characters)
  • nothing bigoted, illegal, or intended to harass someone
  • I also reserve the right to refuse anything I don’t feel comfortable doing, for any reason

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like something specific that’s not on here!

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