Now with actual estimated prices! Holy crap!

I might make a separate contact info page for this eventually, but for now:

$5 for a sketch/lineart: [x] [x]

$10 for color and no background (or plain colored background): [x] [x]

$15 and up for anything fancy with a background and/or multiple characters (any more than, like, two): [x] [x]

More incriminating evidence of my work can be found in the galleries, and if you see anything you’d like that isn’t covered on the list above, lemme know and I’ll work something out, probably.

I won’t draw anything I find grossly offensive or that makes me personally uncomfortable (if you don’t know, just ask), and I can’t afford to do free requests right now, sorry. Payment is via PayPal after I’ve finished the thing and done any revisions and we’re both happy with it.