patchwork satellite

recycled space junk

Howly Wolfenoot!

New Inktober junk is up! Pet a dog! Yay!

fun with portmanteaus? … portmanteaux?

The other half (of the portmanteau Jerin, and also of my marriage) and I have made a YouTube channel where we draw things and talk about drawing. Check it out if you wanna!

spring memeing

I dunno, make up your own cutesy spring-cleaning-themed blog post title, I guess? I got nothin’.

DIY puns aside, a few things that were previously borked on here should be more or less unborkified now. Galleries are updated and I fixed some broken links on the fan pages (someday I will learn how to code without falling back on circa-1999 jury-rigged amateur text editor HTML, but today is not that day and tomorrow is probably not it either).

stuff in progress

Spadenet’s moving servers, so the SSL on here might be a little borked until we get that sorted. I’ll be updating what I can in the meantime.

I’m birthday?

As of yesterday I am somehow, inexplicably, 32 years old. *sad confetti*

I also recently got a job in a bookstore as the

Anyway, this year’s Inktober junk is up.