patchwork satellite

recycled space junk

Inktober sketchbarf

Inktober 2019 draws are up! Also have a twitter thread featuring Jerami’s art along with mine.

I’ll understand you someday, flexbox

… but until that day we’ll just have to make do with rigidly unflexible and achingly anachronistic web design, now with 100000% more vintage faux woodgrain (courtesy of geralt on Pixabay)! Things should look generally less borked on mobile now, too. (I hope.)

Also, yes, I plan on doing Inktober this year. Don’t touch that dial.

Howly Wolfenoot!

New Inktober junk is up! Pet a dog! Yay!

I’m birthday?

As of yesterday I am somehow, inexplicably, 32 years old. *sad confetti*

I also recently got a job in a bookstore as the

Anyway, this year’s Inktober junk is up.