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New domain get!! (THANK YOU KAT ILU ♥♥♥) And I’m already contemplating changing my WP theme for the occasion since I’ve got the CSS hyperfocus bug again, but I should probably finish updating the links on here first. (My dumb back-asswards gallery fullview hack might be hecked up for a while, so I guess just right click or whatever if for some reason you want to see something I drew but, like, annoyingly big?)

Also, Drawing With Jerin has an official thingy now! And I renovated my entire Xenosaga fan page back at the beginning of the year but forgot to make a post on here about it.

stuff in progress

Spadenet’s moving servers, so the SSL on here might be a little borked until we get that sorted. I’ll be updating what I can in the meantime.


Katimus has been helping me reorganize some of the galleries on here (thank!!), so as of right now-ish, the page formerly known as drawings will just contain things related to that one story project I’ve been working on since forever (which was 90% of what was in there anyway), while any unrelated original work (abstract and personal stuff, etc.) has been shuffled in with the mixed media junk in the conveniently renamed others gallery. As usual, feel free to inform me if something isn’t linked right or appears to be in the wrong place. :B

Also, I might be working on updating the gallery tags so they’re easier to search, but that depends on how long my attention span lasts.

Moving for great justice.

In an effort to integrate this page a bit more, I’ll be using WordPress for updates and other site-related stuff from now on. The old updates page will be kept for archive-y purposes, but I won’t be posting any new junk there, so if you’ve got bookmarks or RSS subscriptions attached to that page, updatement is advised.

Also, many thanks to EK for setting up the WordPress page! <3