patchwork satellite

recycled space junk

actual update for real though

Working on rearranging the fandom section into smaller galleries organized by subject. Feel free to notify me if any links are broken, especially the full-view links for images, as many of the file paths have been changed. (I think I got most of ’em, but I found some while I was going through that still had links pointing to the old subdomain on Spadenet, so I might’ve missed others this time. I should probably figure out a way to automate that.)

fandom? I hardly even know ’em

Got the fandom page sorted, sort of. Fan art is now listed by series with other derivative works, such as fan fiction and comics. The fan art gallery proper is still just an unfiltered cesspool of whatever, if you would prefer to be subjected to it that way.

I’ll understand you someday, flexbox

… but until that day we’ll just have to make do with rigidly unflexible and achingly anachronistic web design, now with 100000% more vintage faux woodgrain (courtesy of geralt on Pixabay)! Things should look generally less borked on mobile now, too. (I hope.)

Also, yes, I plan on doing Inktober this year. Don’t touch that dial.

old dog learns one weird trick


I am learning CSS and WordPress theme-omancy, finally. So while my aesthetic remains “what if the 80s and 90s got drunk and had a fight in a bowling alley,” at least I’m not still coding like it’s 1999.

Not all of the page templates are done yet, so please excuse the absolute state of the galleries, etc., until I’ve dragged them kicking and screaming into 2019. Also please ignore any kicking and screaming noises you might hear from the backend. (That’s just me trying to catch up on 20+ years’ worth of webdesign innovation with a text editor and a lot of trial and error.)

spring memeing

I dunno, make up your own cutesy spring-cleaning-themed blog post title, I guess? I got nothin’.

DIY puns aside, a few things that were previously borked on here should be more or less unborkified now. Galleries are updated and I fixed some broken links on the fan pages (someday I will learn how to code without falling back on circa-1999 jury-rigged amateur text editor HTML, but today is not that day and tomorrow is probably not it either).