patchwork satellite

recycled space junk

nothing to see here (no, really)

… but in the interest of possibly maybe someday attempting professional work (or more commissions, whatevs), I made a portfolio page with some of the less embarrassing junk from the other galleries so it looks like I actually know what I’m doing. (Don’t) tell your friends!

back on my bull … stuff

New junk in the galleries + random Xenosaga fanfic? What year is it? Still 2017? Aw, crap. -_-

Anyway, not sure how my WordPress layout got borked so that the post and page text was showing up microscopic, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t always like that. I’ve attempted to reverse-engineer it back to normal via my extremely limited knowledge of CSS formatting. Lemme know if I managed to break something else in the process.


inktober gallery tag
I did a story-themed Inktober this year and posted some of the less cringey ones in the cast iron gallery, along with some other sketches and fan arts that I forgot to post earlier. :B

Also, in light of Spadenet changing web hosts, I did some dusting of cobwebs around here and tried to get rid of any inactive/broken linkage I found. To the great relief of your eyes, probably, it looks like the old minigallery box is defunct, so the archive of hideous pre-2006 drawings is offline until I decide to inflict it on the world again. But you’re safe from seeing my questionable juvenile scribblage … for now. *spoopy haunted house music*

Commissions and Redbubble swag are still available in case you’re starting holiday shoppin’ early, BTW.


Katimus has been helping me reorganize some of the galleries on here (thank!!), so as of right now-ish, the page formerly known as drawings will just contain things related to that one story project I’ve been working on since forever (which was 90% of what was in there anyway), while any unrelated original work (abstract and personal stuff, etc.) has been shuffled in with the mixed media junk in the conveniently renamed others gallery. As usual, feel free to inform me if something isn’t linked right or appears to be in the wrong place. :B

Also, I might be working on updating the gallery tags so they’re easier to search, but that depends on how long my attention span lasts.

gallery dump 3: geeettttttt dumped on!!!

Happy whatever you celebrate around this time of the year! Gallery is update. Watch out for Undertale spoilers if that’s your kinda thing.