(new info under the thingy)

for a single character with no background:

  • pencil or digital sketches are $5
  • flat color/vector sketches are $15
  • digital watercolor sketches are $20
  • additional characters are $5 each; backgrounds are another $10

full color drawings (vector or paint style, with background):

  • start at $50 depending on the complexity and size
  • additional characters are $10 each

I can also do:

  • 16×16 pixel portraits for $5
  • digital graphics (banners, icons, etc.) for $20

If you’d like something not on this list, feel free to ask!


  • I’m fine with most shipping/romantic subjects, but I can’t really do explicit NSFW (suggestive/PDA stuff is fine), and nothing involving underage characters
  • some gore/violence is OK
  • I’ll draw fandom characters and OCs (please have refs if it’s something I’m not familiar with!)
  • obviously nothing bigoted, offensive, or illegal
  • if I’m uncomfortable with it for any other reason, I may decline it or ask you to modify your request

I’ll accept payment after finishing the commission and after you approve of the final version. PayPal is easiest for me, but if you don’t have PayPal we can probably work something else out. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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