Note: Both the Xenosaga canon and the fan works on this page include mature themes such as religious and institutional trauma, violence, self harm, and suicide. Works marked 18+ also contain some descriptions of romantic intimacy. If you have questions about any specific content or potentially triggering material, please contact me.

objective (2006)
XSII/MY | general/romance | 1718 words
Juli's thoughts on her relationship with Ziggy.

2.0 (2009)
MY | drama/romance | 9 chapters
Complications arise between Juli and Ziggy during the year of the Gnosis Terrorism incidents.

blind justice (2009)
PP/pre-XSI | general | 2126 words
Melisse handles a crisis in the early years of Scientia.

unconquered (2009)
post-XSIII | general/angst | 34 chapters
Two years after the events on Michtam, a recurring nightmare from the past threatens humanity's efforts to rebuild the future.

I hope you're laughing (2010)
XSIII | general | 1508 words
Canaan asks Doctus for help.

subroutine (2010)
PP | general/angst | 1576 words
Voyager contemplates the illusion he has created while working for the Federation Police.

mother's day (2010)
pre-XSI | general | 1254 words
MOMO spends the first years of her life in isolation. Written for a group fanfic on the Godsibb forums.

warmth (2017)
XSI | general | 1157 words
MOMO's random acts of kindness lead to second guesses.

elevator music (2019)
XSII/MY | romance 18+ | 3564 words
Juli and Ziggy try to work through their inhibitions.

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