JERIN is the maker duo of Jerami Forget and Erin Hart Berg. We met in high school in 2003 as aspiring artists (the type who brought our sketchbooks to lunch and didn’t really fit in anywhere) and have been creating together ever since. Our work incorporates an ever-expanding variety of media — from digital and traditional visual arts to woodworking, hand crafts, coding, 3D printing, and anything else that catches our interest. Our creative process includes both individual and collaborative work, and even our solo projects often benefit from both partners’ ideas and input.

HAUS OK, full disclosure, this part of the name started as a joke. (Blame Erin’s obsession with bizarre internet memes and possibly also Erin’s taste in post-punk bands.) We’d been renting an apartment together for about ten years before we bought our house in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, in January 2020 — just in time to settle in before the events of the year challenged us to think more creatively and sustainably about our living space. Jerinhaus (if nothing else, a lesson in not naming things as a joke unless you’re prepared for it to stick) is our home and our studio, an American Craftsman house built in 1920 and updated to reflect our eccentric lifestyle and unconventional innovations.