3D Printing

Our misadventures in 3D printing started in 2018 when we got our first printer, a Monoprice Maker Select Plus nicknamed Synthia by Jerami. Gertrude, a Creality CP-01 (named by Erin after “at least three fictional characters”), joined the Jerinhaus crew in 2020.

Erin is mostly self-taught in Blender and occasionally messes with other apps. Jerami is more of a CAD guy and prefers to leave the actual frustration of modeling to Erin while providing input throughout the design process.

Since 2018, 3D printing has increasingly figured into our creative works as well as in everyday household use, from custom streaming and recording equipment to eccentric home decor. Many of these projects are featured in the galleries below. (Some are also available on Erin’s Thingiverse profile.)

a planting container shaped like a small rustic house
Cottagecore Planter
thumbnail image showing a 3D printed molding at the base of a door hinge
Door Molding
a 3D printed mounting bracket with a large bolt inserted
Phone Mount
A bookshelf with a framed light switch on one side
Switch Frame
A close up of a 3D printed light switch plate decorated with gears, miniature keys, and electronic components
Switch Plates
An illuminated panel attached by hinges to a wooden wall
Wall Panel