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I did a story-themed Inktober this year and posted some of the less cringey ones in the cast iron gallery, along with some other sketches and fan arts that I forgot to post earlier. :B

Also, in light of Spadenet changing web hosts, I did some dusting of cobwebs around here and tried to get rid of any inactive/broken linkage I found. To the great relief of your eyes, probably, it looks like the old minigallery box is defunct, so the archive of hideous pre-2006 drawings is offline until I decide to inflict it on the world again. But you’re safe from seeing my questionable juvenile scribblage … for now. *spoopy haunted house music*

Commissions and Redbubble swag are still available in case you’re starting holiday shoppin’ early, BTW.

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I got a real job

so commissions are closed for now. :B (HOWEVER: if you’d like to get a crappy doodle from me, I do memes on my sketchblog sometimes. Juuuuuust saying.)

Also I have a crapload of Borderlands and other fanart to post up here but I’ll get to that when I’m less tired.

commissions 3: now with more commissions

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